Our Road to Gem Doodles...


Hello, welcome to Gem Doodles. I’m Beth… mom, wife, lover of hiking, fitness, and adventure. I am blessed to live under the Montana big sky with my husband, Doug. We have 3 grown sons whose names begin with G, E, and M…. the GEM in Gem Doodles! All 3 boys are Eagle Scouts and Doug has spent the last 15 years mentoring youth as leader of a Boy Scout Troop. In addition to Doodling, I am passionate about raising money to help kids struggling with mental health. This is an issue close to my heart and is also tied to the reason our family began working with this amazing breed.

Ethan… the E mentioned above, is master puppy nanny, business partner, and immensely involved in the daily lives of our Doodles. Ethan is very open about his mental health challenges which include Autism and Anxiety Disorder. Dogs often have a calming, therapeutic presence and Ethan has always had a special bond with our family dogs. Growing up, we would sometimes find him asleep in the crate alongside his dog when he needed a calming force.

Meanwhile, my sister has been a successful breeder of Muligenerational Australian Labradoodles for years (Kings Lane Labradoodles, NC) and offered to mentor us through the process of opening our own program, ideally as a way for Ethan to be able spend his time working with such therapeutic animals. Debbie has been so generous with her time, knowledge, and resources. It is such a blessing to be mentored by someone who has taught us to maintain the highest of standards in every aspect of the process, and to fiercely protect the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle bloodline, guarding the breed’s highly desired traits and steady temperament. Working with and caring for our Doodles has proven to be very therapeutic for Ethan, and that spurs us on even more to want to share these sweet pups with others. 

Whether our clients are looking for a calming friend, adventure buddy, lap warmer, or anywhere in between… we are honored to be able to nurture, train, and unite these sweet pups with their forever families. We just know you will love them as much as we do!

We look forward to working with you to bring home your very own Gem Doodle!  


 ~The Wheelers