What's the Secret Sauce that makes Gem Doodles an outstanding breeder?


It's really not so much of a secret, but there IS a tried and true formula for breeding excellence. It's all about what happens BEFORE puppies are born, and what happens every single day after birth. 


Breeding excellence starts before puppies are born.

  • We start with a highly guarded premier bloodline. All of our Doodles are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America which only accepts bloodlines with generations free of infusions. This ensures healthy, steady temperaments, and all the traits and characteristics Australian Labradoodles are best known for.
  • Our adult Doodles are health and genetic tested and cross-sampled to make sure the combination of a particular male and female does not purposefully yield any negative genetic traits or health issues.
  • Our adult Doodles live in guardian homes which means they are living their best lives as well-loved family pets. They are fed a premium healthy diet and are under the regular care of a trusted veterinarian.


Why do Gem Doodles puppies stand out above the pack?

It is all in the way we care for the whole puppy….. physically, mentally, socially.

Our puppies’ formal training & socialization protocol begins on day 3 of their little lives and does not stop before they leave our nest and join your family! This makes a huge difference in the future of each and every puppy. We have the ability to help set your puppy up for a confident, happy, healthy, adventurous future and we take that job very seriously. We believe this sets us apart from the pack.


Socialization begins with the breeder…

Puppies have what is called a “critical socialization period” between approximately 3-12 weeks of age when the window of learning is open. Things puppies experience during this critical window of development… good or bad… can influence and shape behavior well into adulthood.

A proactively socialized puppy is likely to have fewer behavioral issues and is less likely to display signs of aggression in stressful or exciting situations. Once this critical window closes, dogs can still be socialized, but it will likely take more effort and patience on the part of the trainer to teach desired behaviors, and re-train already-ingrained undesirable behaviors.


What does the Gem Doodles protocol encompass?

Weeks 1 – 3: Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Even before a puppy’s eyes are open, before they can hear our voices, we are already putting them through a specific set of exercises which encourage a steady temperament and make them more resilient and adaptable to all the situations they will encounter in life. These exercises are conducted daily from days 3 through 16. When performed correctly, ENS impacts the neurological system and improves cardiovascular performance, creates stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and more resistance to disease.

Week 3 and beyond: Puppy Culture – “The proof is in the puppies!”

Puppy Culture is an exhaustive socialization and training program specifically designed so each puppy is served the appropriate experience at the appropriate time, according to their exact stage of development. Our daily protocol includes exposure to too many things to list, but here is a small sampling:

  • Pee Pad Training & beginning outdoor potty training
  • Crate exposure
  • Noise Desensitization: hair dryer, vacuum, fireworks, thunderstorms, grooming sounds, etc
  • Textures: concrete, grass, dirt, wood, carpet floorings, crinkly, slippery, uneven surfaces, etc
  • Car rides and safe fieldtrips
  • Sit to wait for good things
  • Mental exercise games
  • Exposure to grooming table, desensitization of ears, paws, tail, etc.
  • Exposure to collar and leash walking


Resources for additional training...

Once your puppy leaves us, additional training is vital to continue developing positive behaviors that will bring you and your pup a lifetime of happiness. For additional training resources, we encourage you to visit our partners.


In-depth, professional training:

Bark 4 Joy Dog Training – Your puppy can go straight from Gem Doodles to Bark 4 Joy Dog Training for intensive, positive, live-in training experience. Your puppy “does life” alongside a professional trainer while taking part in reward-based training methods to accomplish sleep/crate/potty training, basic training, and further socialization.  Visit the Bark 4 Joy website using the button below. 



Do it yourself, step-by-step training:

Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School – Easy to follow, step-by-step video series walking you through all stages of puppy training. A one-time purchase includes all videos and courses as well as a lifetime of live help & support. Visit the website using the button below. Use code GEMDOODLES for a discount on your lifetime membership.